V2 Precision Data Collection Hub

Optional Differential Temperature Sensor Configuration

Orange Spring Labs Precision Data Collection Hub was designed to provide low cost, flexible, data collection hardware to problems that previously required high end instrumentation.  Orange Spring Labs Precision Data Collection Hub is easily configurable and powered over USB to allow users to easily manipulate data output and included sensors.  The Precision Data Collection Hub has an optional I2C breakout board to include additional sensors.  Each Precision Data Collection Hub includes a GPS antenna so that multiple Precision Data Collection Hubs can be used across a wide area with easily synchronized data leveraging UTC time stamps.  Data collected by the Precision Data Collection Hub is written to an on board removable SD card and transmitted over USB or serial data link to allow operators to view real time data or check that all sensors on the Precision Data Collection Hub are operating nominally.  Standard programming records sensor data at 1Hz for 5 channels yielding approximately 60 mb of data per week.

Custom sensors, board layouts, enclosures, software, and data products are available on request.

4-6 week lead time.

  • On board 24 Bit 10 – 1200 mbar Pressure Sensor
  • On board 24 Bit -40 – 85 degrees C Temperature Sensor (+/- 0.8 C)
  • On board 9800 baud GPS Sensor for Time, Date, and Location
  • On board removable SD Card Data Storage (32 Gig ~ 10 Years of Data Recording)
  • USB Interface and Power
  • Accessible I2C Bus for Sensor Expansion
  • Adjustable 1Hz Standard Data Collection
  • Optional Differential Temperature Package
    • 2X High Precision Temperature Sensors (0.00625 Degrees C Resolution)
    • Data Reduction Products

V2 Data Hub List Price $1,000.00

Contact sales@orangespringlabs.com for more information.

V2 Precision Data Collection Hub Spec Sheet